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Privacy Policy

  1. The cookie policy applies to the website of the and of PAGMET Grzegorz Paczkowski with its registered office in Romanów.
  2. The Controller collects information obtained automatically – system logs (so-called event logs), containing in particular public IP addresses and MAC identifiers of users visiting and using services provided as part of the and website.
  3. System logs are used by the Administrator for statistical purposes. Aggregate summaries in the form of statistics do not contain any features that identify visitors to the pages.
  4. The Controller, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 173-174 of the Act of 16 July 2004. Telecommunications Law, informs about the cookies, which are used to collect information on the use of the website by users and
  5. On the website, cookies are and – text files stored in the user's end device and used to use the website. The purpose of using cookies by the above-mentioned websites is: to create analyzes, reports and statistics on the use of websites by users, to adapt the content to the user's preferences and optimize use, to present advertisements taking into account the preferences of users, to maintain the user's session (after logging in – if it occurs), thanks to which the User does not have to re-enter the login and password on each subpage.
  6. With the help of cookie technology, only anonymous statistical data about users are collected. The information obtained through cookies is not assigned to a specific person and does not allow him to be identified.
  7. When visiting the and website, at least one cookie is sent to the user's end device in order to uniquely identify the browser. The information transmitted by the user's browser is automatically recorded by the website system.
  8. The Controller may share data related to cookies with external entities, including entities processing data on behalf of the Controller, e.g. technical service providers and entities providing advisory services.
  9. Cookies may also be placed and used by advertisers and partners cooperating with the Controller.
  10. The and website may contain buttons, tools or content that direct to third-party services, social network plug-ins (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram), maps (e.g. Google Maps, OpenStreetMap), applications (e.g. AppStore, Google Play), etc. The use of these applications may result in the transmission of information about users to designated third parties.
  11. Cookies, the information they store and access to this information do not cause configuration changes in the end device or software installed on this device.
  12. The user can at any time in his/her browser change the settings or disable the use of cookies, but this may cause incorrect functioning of the website. If the user does not change the default settings of the web browser in the scope of cookies, these files will be placed on the end device and will be used in accordance with the rules specified by the provider of the web browser.
  13. Information on managing cookies in individual browsers – including in particular instructions on how to block the receipt of cookies – can be found on the pages dedicated to individual browsers: if you are using other browsers, check the program description.
  14. Users who, after reading the information available on the website and do not want cookies to remain stored in the device's web browser, should delete them from their browser after the end of their visit to the websites.